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Co-operation with local stakeholders

1. Co-operation with the “turtle-spotting” boat owners

Following several meetings with the turtle spotting operators and a two years co-operation, two basic kind of contracts were signed with the NMZ Management Agency. The first kind of contract, with generic title “Co-operation framework between the NMPZ Management Agency and the Marine Excursions Boat Owners” concerns two associations operating in the Lagana’s bay (Lagana association and Agios Sostis association). The main features of the contract are the obligation for the association to strictly implement the code of conduct “Smooth observation of the Loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta” with the prerequisite that each member of the association accepts all the articles and obligations of the code.The second kind of contract concerns each operator, member of the aforementioned associations, and stresses the contractual use of the different awareness material freely delivered by the NMPZ’ Management Agency. Thus, the use of the logo “Endorsed by the NMPZ” is limited exclusively to the turtle spotting activity. The logo was reproduced on tee-shirts, panels and small flags positioned on the turtle spotting boats.
Globally, all boats professionally spotting the Loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta in the Lagana’s bay signed the contractual agreement (20 boats and 16 operators).

2. Co-operation with local tour-operators

The code of conduct for Eco-tourism activities was finalized by the end of May 2003. A specific logo was elaborated for three Eco-activities that are Marine excursions, Hiking and Green-accommodations. The first two logos were attributed to one local tour operator (Nature World Travel) in the framework of the eco-activities he offers to his customers. The contractual agreement that was signed include the implementation of the general code of conduct for Eco-Tourism activities and a detailed programme of activities (maximum number of participants, schedules, environmental information delivered, places visited…).

The logo with title “Eco-tourism sea tours in the area of the NMPZ” attends to promote the information / sensitization of the visitors on the particular environmental features of the marine area and on the biology of the Loggerhead sea turtle. Depending on the season, during these tours, observation of the sea turtle could be carried out. The sea-tours last between 3 and 6 hours.

The logo with title “Hiking in the area of the NMPZ” attends to promote the information / sensitization of the visitors on environmental specificities of both terrestrial and marine area. The maximum number of persons for each tour is 15 persons.

3. Implementation of the Eco-Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) in the area of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos

In order to implement the Eco-Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) in the area of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, a public tender procedure was launched by the Management Agency of the NMPZ on 1st July 2003.
The specific objective of the required services in the call for tender, is the accreditation of the maximum possible number of companies that operate in the protected area of the NMPZ. More precisely, the required services are specified as follows:

a) Market research focused on the identification of companies operating in the area of NMPZ and on the assessment of their capacity in implementing the EMAS regulation.
b) Detailed examination of at least 3 companies that are considered capable of implementing EMAS.
c) Implementation of an environmental review (analysis of the environmental aspects, the environmental impacts and the environmental ranking of the company), environmental policy formulation, planning and implementation of an environmental management system, implementation of an environmental audit, write up of an environmental statement and formulation of the company’s third party policy, aiming at EMAS accreditation.
d) Definition of the co-operation framework between the NMPZ and the companies implementing EMAS. Analysis of the EMAS implementation procedures, the form of participation of the NMPZ in the accreditation procedure as well as the expected financial impact to the NMPZ.
Particular emphasis will be placed on the tourism and recreation sector. All required services should be delivered to the NMPZ within a maximum period of 150 days (counting by the date of contract).


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